Image Size Requirements for Digital Clinics


The information below pertains to image size requirements for digital display only. The criteria for display is measured in the amount of pixels. Resolution in pixels per inch is not a factor with files for display. It's only a factor when making prints and is not a factor in sizing for digital submission and display.

The native display resolution of our digital projector is 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high. The ideal pixel dimensions for the images in the digital clinics is 1400 pixels wide X 1050 pixels high. In the example below, both sides are exactly their native value. The image is acceptable for digital entry.

1400 pixels wide

1050 pixels high

Images can be smaller but one of the sides must be either 1400 wide or 1050 high - without the other going over its native value. That is to say, at no time can the length go over 1400 pixels or the height go over 1050 pixels. Every digital image must satisfy at least one of the native pixel requirements while the other requirement can be under, as seen below.

1400 pixels wide

This is an acceptable image size. One of the side requirements (1400 wide) has been met without the other side going over its native value (1050 high).


In this example, the height could be equal to 1050, or any value under 1050. I just used 300 pixels as an example.

300 pixels high

400 pixels wide

This is also an acceptable image for digital clinic projection. One of the side values has met its native pixel requirement. In this case, the height at 1050 pixels. The width is not over 1400 pixels. The width could have been any value 1400 or under in this example.

1050 pixels high

800 pixels

300 pixels

This is not an acceptable image for digital clinics. Not one of the side dimensions has met its native value.

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