Please refer to the Constitution for full information on print clinics and competitions. Members are requested to use either cardboard or foam core backing for images. Please do not use a wooden backing, or anything similar to wood.

Variable Topics Description 2017-2018


Sept 12 - clinic 1 - “choose a colour” Make that the focus of your image


Oct 24 - clinic 2 - Big city lights - night time photography in an urban setting


Jan 2 - clinic 3 - A day at the fair - carnival rides, candy apples, bustling crowds, games, clowns, fireworks, and more (anything you would see at a fair or carnival


Feb 13 - clinic 4 - Stormy weather -  thunderstorm, snowstorm, windstorm, broody skies the limit.  Capture mother nature at her craziest.


Mar 13 - Sharpe-Tester -  “Photograph a Stranger”  - in the spirit of 100 days of photographing a stranger and Humans of New York, go  out of your comfort zone to photograph a stranger





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